Maternity Unit – NHS

Our client, from a top London Hospital, approached us as their new Maternity Unit was nearing completion and she wanted to make the long, bland, corridors more appealing.

We suggested digitally printed ‘wall paper’ with a matt laminate that would be fully washable and satisfy infection control standards.

Walls within the unit were identified as likely locations during a site visit and measurements were taken by our rep.

A comprehensive quotation was put together, giving various options and including both design and manufacture.

Site was visited a few more times to meet with stake holders and staff working at the unit.

After consideration, our client placed an order for twenty walls to be ‘vinyled’ with a further wall, within a waiting area, to have computer cut text applied.

In this instance, the artwork comprised of various woodland and costal ‘views’ and these images were purchased under license by us on the clients behalf.

The images were printed, most in several sections, as corridors were over 2.4m high and some were 20m long.

A crew, comprising of two teams, prepped the walls and applied the graphics at a time that suited the unit, often working overnight.

Both patients and staff have given excellent feedback, with one lady staff member commenting that she has spent many tea breaks staring at the costal scenes and imagining herself on holiday.