A new client approached us after seeing signage that we had supplied for a customer of his.

He ran a renowned Classic Car restoration garage and wanted cost effective signage to direct visitors in for a ‘Coffee and Cars’ event.

After asking a few questions, we discovered that this was a monthly event and so suggested that the signage produced, rather than being ‘throw away’ Correx (Estate agent fluted board) that he had asked for, would rather be an ACM panel, which is simply a thin Aluminium sandwich with a plastic core. This would be far more durable and could be fitted to existing posts using Stainless steel bolt on fixings and therefore reusable again and again. Another benefit of ACM is that it is cost effective and totally worthless as scrap and therefore unlikely to be stolen (unlike Aluminium for example)

Having produced a design based on his scribbled drawings, we went on to manufacture the signs, supply the fixings and also supply a quantity of ‘stickers’ that could be given away to participants.

In the past, we have supplied many other corporate ‘give aways’ including laser etched pens, printed water bottles, personalised pads and corporate branded lanyards.