Back in 2020, the directors and staff of Techniform Graphics Limited marked 50 years in the sign business. This milestone shows our commitment, gives an indication of our lengthy experience and is your assurance that we will continue to support you in the years to come.
The majority of our work is carried out ‘in house’, we have our own artworkers, manufacturing capabilities and install team. We also work closely with specialist providers, for example high access installers, scaffolders, ground workers (large sign foundation footings) and a roadmarking crew for your playground marking in schools, ‘No smoking’ pavement graphics at your hospital or bay marking in your carpark.
We are happy to provide a single door sign through to an entire hospital signage schedule, not forgetting those promotional items for your ‘Estates day’ or ‘Annual Fundraiser’, laser etched pens, personalised waterbottles, printed lanyards to mention just a few.