This Hospital Trust, in the process of demolishing buildings ready for a new hospital to be built in the future, required us to provide durable, cost-effective signage within a very short timescale to meet the changing ‘landscape’ of the building site.

On a weekly basis, over several months, we would liaise directly with the demolition contractors, on the hospitals behalf, to provide and install signage to aid vehicle traffic around the site and to design signs that could be reused as the various new, temporary, staff and patient car parks evolved.

As one building was demolished on the sprawling site, then the ground was flattened and staff were moved in to park their cars, we provided directional, instructional, warning and prohibition signs. These were fitted to temporary timber posts, arris fencing and even cable tied to trees. Days later the cars would be decanted to another area and so this process continued until eventually all the buildings were gone and a more permanent tarmac surface was put down and CCTV / street lighting was erected.

It was then that we designed, manufactured, and installed signage that would be in place for up to two years whilst the new multistorey carpark was being built.

Throughout the process, the team worked hand in hand with other contractors on site and provided exactly what was required, always when wanted and within budget.